We are looking for projects that tell bold and important stories in innovative formats. These projects should explore original ways of using technology to transform the way films, episodic content, video games and other audiovisual media are conceived, produced and distributed.

The Online Application Period will open in January 2018. Please check back for more information at that time.



Participants can submit up to two projects per round. Projects can include (but are not limited to)

  • virtual reality projects
  • short films
  • feature films
  • documentaries
  • non-narrative works
  • episodic series
  • web series
  • new technologies

Who can apply?

  • Baltimore residents
  • JHU students
  • JHU alumni
  • Peabody students
  • MICA students
  • JHU FMS faculty

What does the incubator offer?

The Bold Voices, New Paradigms Incubator seeks to develop unique and groundbreaking works by connecting talented artists and entrepreneurs with industry leaders in film, media, technology, and business for knowledge sharing, meaningful exchanges, and relationship building.The Incubator will facilitate the creation of next-generation content and foster successful outcomes by helping Fellows build the best team and providing them with access to the necessary resources.

The program is designed around four components to guide Fellows through the demands of the design, financing, production and marketing stages of project development.


Mentoring Program

The Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund matches participants with award-winning artists and established professionals in technology, media, business, and the arts. These mentors will offer their advice, guidance and practical knowledge, and will help each Fellow explore new production and distribution models

Mentees gain a deeper understanding of new directions to push the boundaries of their chosen field, while gaining exposure to the business practices and skills required to succeed. Mentors and Mentees are matched based on expertise, project type, and participant needs.


Brain Trust

Inspired by Pixar’s classic creative process model, the Brain Trust is a gathering of creative leaders and experienced storytellers, who come together to identify and solve challenges through candid discussion. Participants gain perspective and obtain feedback from experienced professionals with formidable knowledge in diverse fields, who have been through the process of creating, producing, and marketing groundbreaking ideas.

It allows participants to present their projects to industry executives, gatekeepers, and decision makers, and creates a space to balance creative vision with critique that can lead to better results.


Narrative Labs

The Lab experience provides participants with a rigorous creative process to further develop their feature-length screenplays, episodic pilot scripts or documentary projects with the guidance of established writers, directors, and editors.

The Labs encourage innovation, experimentation, and creative risk-taking in order to build momentum and take projects into the next stage of development, potentially leading to packaging and financing.


Development & Production Fund

The Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund will provide seed capital financing for selected projects that demonstrate to be groundbreaking ideas in media, filmmaking, sound production, video game content, and new technologies written, created and/or directed by Incubator Fellows.

An investment of this magnitude will change promising opportunities into daring realities, extending the impact that Mr. Zaentz personally made on the film industry during his lifetime.

Eligibility Requirement:
All projects must be developed and produced in Baltimore

Selection Process

Bold Voices, New Paradigms