Frequently Asked Questions


How many rounds will there be this year?

There will be one round.  The round is open from October 15-December 15.


Can I apply for money from the Fund directly?

No—only projects selected for the Incubator Labs that complete all requirements are eligible to apply for grant funding.

Who is eligible?

Anyone based in Baltimore


I’m designing an app for film production. Can I apply?

Yes—we accept proposals for software and hardware projects, as long as they can be applied in the development, production or delivery of audio-visual content.


What is the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund’s mission? What projects are you looking for?

Our mission: Embolden and empower new voices by finding innovative ways for diverse communities in Baltimore to write, design, produce, and distribute a wide array of visual content, from narrative film to immersive media.

We are looking for Baltimore-based innovators to write, develop, design and produce groundbreaking projects that will advance the art and craft of audiovisual media. If you can dream it, we want to see it: narrative film, experimental film, episodic content, technological advances, immersive media… and beyond.


Can I apply directly to the Screenplay Lab and to the Educational Workshops? Or do I need to apply to the Incubator?

You can sign up directly to participate in any of our free Educational Workshops.

The Screenplay Lab is part of the Incubator Labs. If you have a feature-length screenplay, apply to the Incubator. If selected, the project will participate in the Screenplay Lab.


Can I apply with a project in post-production?

No-the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund is a program that emphasizes development, mentorship and production. We don’t offer completion funding.