Congratulations to our new cohort

Congrats to our newest cohort of Fellows!

Emma Ayala & Thomas Ventimiglia: Corpse Flower

Evan Balkan: King of the Freaks

Kamesha Brinson: Blend

Lynn Cazabon: Losing Winter

Angela N. Carroll: Legacies: A Survey of Postwar & Contemporary African American Artists

Dameon Gibbs & Tonyette Hall: Jailed From the Inside

Gabriel Goodenough: Local Hero

Avery Griffin: Rough Ride

Nehemiah Hall & Babatunde Salaam: Ghettos by Design

Kyle Ham & Steve Timm: Traveler in the Wilderness

Ileana Doble Hernandez: I’m Migrant Mother

Marly Hernández Cortés & Stephen Schuyler: Like You Think You Know Me

Marnie Ellen Hertzler: Eternity One

Myron Higgins: Lead Checks

Nadia Hironka & Tanya Garcia: Las Runias Circulares (The Circular Ruins)

Kay Howell: Working Title: The Baltimore File

Chung-Wei Huang: Squeegee Boy

JaMar Jones: ACND

Rebecca Mlinke: All Manner of Thing

Meredith Moore: Margie Soudek’s Salt & Peppers

Elissa Blount-Moorhead & Ericka Blount-Danois: fiftyTWO

Lisa Moren: Stories Under the Bay

Scott Patterson: Cloud Nebula

Catherine Rentz: Open Secrets

Amy Scott: Into Light

Stephanie J. Williams: Hospes

Gillian Waldo: Diary

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